A Plague Tale Requiem: successes leaked and release date mentioned |  Xbox One

A Plague Tale Requiem: successes leaked and release date mentioned | Xbox One

The last French title from studio Asobo, A Plague’s Tale: Requiemslated for release this year on Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5, and PC with one day’s release on Xbox Game Pass. Some time ago we found out The launch of the collector’s edition for pre-order And we learned that Composer Oliver Derviere It will be part of the soundtrack for this new composition. It is now a PowerPyx site that shares some fairly important new information with us.

Update 4:30 PM After PSN data indicated that A Plague Tale: Requiem will be released on May 17, 2022, it’s the official Xbox Store that shows the game’s release date. This is shown on June 17, 2022. Hopefully, a quick announcement will be made by Asobo so we can know the end of the story.

Update 7:00 pm. The date shown in the store is June 17, 2021, not 2022. This appears to be a mistake.

Possible release in May/June The list of game achievements revealed

PowerPyx Media specializes in content related to all the unlockable achievements and achievements in many video games (mainly PlayStation). PowerPyx shares its findings on YouTube and Twitter, but also on its site and it is Article published yesterday On the latter that caught our attention.

In fact, PowerPyx has revealed a list of 36 unlockable trophies in the next title of their A Plague Tale series. This list comes from the servers of the GOG platform for the PC version. Note that PlayStation Awards and Xbox Achievements are often identical, with the only difference being that Xbox does not offer “platinum” achievements like PlayStation when the player unlocks all other achievements. The value of each achievement (Xbox G Points) must be revealed later.

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Complete List of Plague Tale: Requiem Achievements

name He described
Jungle Complete Chapter 1
Arena Complete Chapter 2
prison Complete Chapter 3
ports Complete Chapter 4
Boat Complete Chapter Five
quarry Complete Chapter 6
to support Complete Chapter Seven
port Complete Chapter 8
safe shelter Complete Chapter 9
strong Complete Chapter 10
Tomb Complete Chapter 11
Castle Complete Chapter 12
Experience Complete Chapter 13
for free Complete Chapter 14
Convoy Complete Chapter 15
crater Complete Chapter 16
Knights! Complete all chapters
memory I remember 11 memories
Eternal memories I remember all the memories
birds World Find all the feathers
herbalist Find all the flowers
old protector Interact with all the elements of the ancient garrison in Sanctuary
Not a game anymore Fully upgrade the crane
Handfull of pockets Completely upgrade the gear
Crossbow improvement Completely upgrade your crossbow
Effective Tools Fully upgrade tools
pocket lab Upgrade your chemistry completely
sneaky Completely improved stealth skill
charming Completely improve your alchemy skill
fighter Fully improve your combat skill
the alchemist Make 100 ammo
perfect throw Pass all your throws in the mini-port game
secret island Find Vambrace on the island
Firefighter extinguish 10 fires
last chance The newest Rat of Chance was released against mice for the first time

This list tells us that A Plague Tale: Requiem will consist of 16 chapters. The names of the achievements of these chapters evoke different places that players will definitely have to discover while collecting souvenirs, feathers, flowers and other things. There will also be upgradable weapons and abilities, depending on the end of this list of successes. If the graph is similar to the graph A Plague Tale: InnocenceThe game can be 100% completed in about fifteen hours.

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The last major information shared by PowerPyx is related to the title’s release date. While no exact date has been confirmed yet, the PSN store database indicates that A Plague Tale: Requiem is slated for a May 17 release. Information should be taken with caution as long as nothing has been confirmed by the studio, but it should be taken into account as we may be two months away from the game’s planned release on Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5 and PC with day one arrival. For Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

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