A penguin was found in New Zealand after a 3,000 km journey from Antarctica

A penguin was found in New Zealand after a 3,000 km journey from Antarctica

The Adelie penguin, which usually lives in Antarctica, was found on a New Zealand beach after a 3,000-kilometre journey, local media reported. This is only the third time that such a bird, far from its natural habitat, has been recorded in this country of Oceania.

A penguin was discovered Wednesday ashore in Bridlings Flat, in a small community on New Zealand’s South Island.

Since the animal is particularly susceptible to dogs, locals reported it to the vet. Thomas Strack, an employee at a nearby penguin sanctuary, told local media that “so surprised“Knowing that the newcomer was the Adélie Penguin.”The animal may have veered off course,” according to Mr. Stracke.

The penguin was malnourished and dehydrated, and therefore benefited from fish juice. He will be released into an area where dogs cannot attack him. Other species of penguins that are acclimatized to high temperatures live elsewhere in New Zealand.

According to zoology professor Philip Seddon of the University of Otago, quoted by The Guardian, “very rare“That this species of penguin has been reported in the country. It makes the comparison with”Canary in a coal mine‘, which may be a harbinger of disruption. However, he is not aware of other danger signals for the Antarctic Adelie penguin population.

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