A penguin was found in New Zealand, 3000 km from Antarctica

A penguin was found in New Zealand, 3000 km from Antarctica

It’s a long way to go, even for an animal more comfortable at sea than on land. The Adélie penguin, or long-tailed penguin, was found on a beach in southern France on Wednesday. New Zealand. From Antarctica, its natural habitat, to the land of the kiwi, the bird theoretically traveled 3000 km. The Adélie penguins, along with the emperor penguins, are the only ones restricted to Antarctica and the surrounding waters.

The animal was discovered Wednesday ashore in Bridlings Flat, in a small community on New Zealand’s South Island, on the edge of the Banks Peninsula. He was dehydrated and exhausted. He was taken to the vet, protected under clothing and in a cage, and then fed fish porridge. After 24 hours of observation, the penguin was released by sea on Friday, in an area that could not be threatened by other animals, especially dogs.

Since 1962, this is the third time a penguin has made this crossing. The first time the animal was found dead at the mouth of a river, and the second time the animal was found alive in Kaikoura, northeast of the South Island.

The Adélie penguin lives in unknown numbers in Antarctica. In March 2018, But not everyone gets their dreams fulfilled He made it possible to count the colony that settled in the archipelago of the Danger Islands, off the west coast of Antarctica: 1.5 million birds lived there.

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