Un train de la paix, similaire à celui en photo, circulera en septembre 2022 à Christchurch. © Mairie de Christchurch

A peace train was offered to Christchurch three years after the mosque attack

A symbol of peacebuilding efforts, Yusuf Islam’s small electric train will run on batteries and pull four cars to transport tourists, like its cousins, on Montmartre Hill in Paris and other tourist sites around the world. Arrived in Christchurch during February 2022, pointing to the town hall in the city contacted by Saphirnews. However, it will remain in the depot for at least a few weeks, which is the time to gather and train the 50 or so volunteers necessary to run it.

The city council intends to install it in the city’s botanical garden. “We intend to operate the train in September, after winter, because the train is electric and cannot run in icy or wet conditions”Kate Russell, responsible for parks and partnerships with City Council, says. “We plan to run it on Sundays throughout South Hagley Park, starting at Hagley Oval (Cricket field, editor’s note). The tour will pass through Al-Noor Mosque and will take 20 minutes and be free., as you say. The attraction will operate from 10 am to 4 pm.

If the machine is to open to the general public in September, it should still be able to operate a few weeks after the end of April, “If health conditions allow it”Says Kate Russell. It will be open only to members of the local Muslim community, “on request”as evidence of “Respect for this community that has suffered so much”. *

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