A Palestinian village destroyed by settlers

A Palestinian village destroyed by settlers

Residents of the Palestinian town of Hawara on Monday discovered blackened facades and charred cars after an attack by Israeli settlers. Ronaldo Schmidt/AFP

Report – In the West Bank, the army allowed extremists to retaliate after the killing of two Israelis on Sunday near Nablus.

Hawara Special Envoy

Usually, Hawara is teeming with animation. It is located on both sides of Route 60, which is an axis connecting Jerusalem with the northern West Bank, and is crossed by the residents of Jenin and Nablus, as well as the residents of the Israeli settlements established in the area. There is complete economic development under the watchful eye of the Israeli soldiers responsible for security in this area of ​​the West Bank.

Israelis and Palestinians come here to fix their cars: the place is known for its garages. They’re lined up along Route 60, in the middle of several vehicles whose mechanics are extracting parts.

But on Monday morning, Hawara is deserted. On the night of Sunday through Monday, hundreds of Israeli youths, hailing from nearby settlements, descended upon the village. They engaged in what many commentators in the Israeli press on Monday described as a massacre. Witness silence…

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