A New Zealander discovered bugs in Domino's Pizza, and the picture spread very quickly

A New Zealander discovered bugs in Domino’s Pizza, and the picture spread very quickly

Fast food is part of most people’s diet today. These foods can be prepared quickly and keep people feeling full for a long time. On the other hand, these dishes have no nutritional value but people like to eat them because of their taste. Who does not like Italian pizza? But if insects move through the pizza, will they eat it?

A New Zealander caused a stir on social media by posting a picture of a worm emerging from Domino’s pizza. The man claimed that worms were moving through his pizza. Reginald Thalari is the name of the man who posted a photo of insects moving across his pizza.

The man brought home a Domino’s pizza and was surprised to see insects moving in it when he opened the box. The man’s claim also tarnished Domino’s reputation.

Reginald said he ordered four Dominoes and ate them with his colleagues. After a few bites, notice something moving on the toppings. Everyone got sick when they found bugs moving in the pizza.

Someone posted a picture of her online. Insects walking on ham and pepperoni pizza can be seen in the photo. The man said he did not expect to find faults at Domino’s Pizza.

On the other hand, Domino’s denied it after the photos spread widely. According to the company, they make fresh pizza every day. It is impossible to bring the worm inside in such a situation, since the worms will perish during cooking.

But Domino’s compensated the man after he filed a complaint.

Domino’s Pizza is a multinational chain of pizza restaurants founded in 1960.

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