A new version of the popular audio player is available after years of silence

A new version of the popular audio player is available after years of silence

Winamp can’t fade into the haze of the past: July 29th is out new version From this audio player in the late 90’s. At the time, this program launched in 1997 was the most popular among music lovers who wanted to play their songs in MP3 format, whether downloaded from the Internet legally or using a source CD. Users can freely customize the player’s appearance using skinsCovering the facade in an aesthetic or prolific way. They can also watch the music come to life in a graphic way, thanks to the famous visualizations that have made this free software popular.

One of the many ways to visualize music graphically.

For all these reasons, Winamp maintains a nostalgic love rating between the 1930s and 1940s, even if its old interface has slowly pushed some of its fans towards other audio players, while others have migrated to online music platforms, such as Deezer or Spotify, with their adoption of new ways of consuming Music.

Whatever it was, the Winamp development team has resumed service and put a new version of the program online, nine years later. Latest stable versionwhich remains downloadable even today, four years after a file was published incomplete copy after infusion.

Invisible improvements

New Winamp developers Explanation in the forum They basically updated the software code, an invisible modification that required four years of work and that would allow them to start other projects in the coming years, such as introducing new audio formats into the engine reader, such as OGV or H265.

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The project page However, it reports small crashes and incompatibilities affecting the new Winamp. Two antivirus programs in particular detect several Malwareand even if it was a wrong analysis, According to the developers of WinampHowever, these uncertainties encourage us to wait a bit before giving this legendary reader a chance.

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