A new space to welcome artisans and artists from Saint-Pierre and Miquelon

A new space to welcome artisans and artists from Saint-Pierre and Miquelon

She just opened a space dedicated to crafts in downtown Saint-Pierre. Erika Simon, a leather worker, shows off her creations there. The opening of this new location also allows him to display the work of fellow artisans and self-taught painters from the archipelago.

In a completely new environment, Erika Simone imagines her new creations. In fact, the leather goods company now has a point of sale located in the city center. Located At 36 bis, avenue Marechal Foch in Saint-Pierre. After spending several years in the CACIMA business incubator, Artisan has chosen to take off and open her own niche.

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Offering fish leather products, jewelry, handbags and more.

I had an ambition to bring life back to this city center that is seeing, little by little, the closing of shops and I really wanted to revitalize it, to offer a shop that you don’t see so often.

Erica Simon, leather worker

And so Erica wishes.”Highlighting the work of artisans who often work in the shadows“.

Thus she creates a space in her image, a small open cocoon of the artisans of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon who have no point of sale. His shop is also open to new talent.

Guided tour with Carla Bucero Lanzi and Gaël Ho A Sim.

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