A new space to listen to the difficulties of everyday life in Thiers

A new space to listen to the difficulties of everyday life in Thiers

Creating a space for speaking and bonding about the small and big hassles of everyday life, this is the aim of the listening space created by Together Parents and Educators (EPE) and the Atrium de Thiers. “We want to be facilitators of dialogue in the different areas of the city,” defines Tevin Lamy, psychotherapist and coordinator of the EPE in Thiers. The first meeting took place last October at Molise-Sésoles.

“We want to create dynamism also at the top of the tiers”

Tevin Lamy (psychotherapist and ECE coordinator)

Find common solutions

The first listening space was therefore organized on Monday January 16th in the Associative Space of the Citizens’ Council in the Old Center (36 rue de la coutellerie in Thiers). Six people came to this first meeting. “There may be concerns, but it’s really a civic and apolitical space,” Tevin Lamy adds.

The goal is discussion in order to find common solutions. It is open, free, and possibly anonymous.

Lucille Lavst (animator in foyer tiers)

On that day, after a short welcome, the participants sit in a circle. Each one in turn represents a state of anxiety. Then everyone is invited to vote for the situation in which they recognize themselves the most.

This is Monique’s attention-grabbing case. The Thiernoise retiree recently experienced an internet connection failure. This led to separation anxiety. “Today, we communicate only in this medium. As a result, I am afraid that I will lose some information, a message from my loved ones, but also that it will harm my commitments, ”says Monique.

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The citizens’ council in the old center of Thiers (Puy du Dome) now has a dedicated office, rue de la Cottellerie

Fear of separation

Fear of digital isolation, which sometimes sparks conversations about the misuse of technology. “We think we’re connected, but a lot of times it’s a decoy,” Dominique fired. We cannot read everything, hear everything, and see everything. You have to agree to miss some things and refocus on what really matters to you,” Colette continues.

The idea is there. Start from a daily experience and discuss the feelings it brings up. This can affect all areas: work, family, love life, economic difficulties, and so on. The EPE and Atrium Association would like to set up this meeting once a month.

Thomas Lauret

Appointment. Next meeting is Thursday, February 16th from 7pm to 9pm at the Molles Cizolles neighborhood center in Thiers.

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