A new space dedicated to exercise in Pontanézen

A new space dedicated to exercise in Pontanézen

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In Pontanesine in Brest, behind the Horizons social centre, the city's stadium is starting to show its age. “He slipped a lot, and people were injured,” remembers Nabil Al-Khudairi, a young man from the neighborhood. Him and his friends He wanted it to be renovated. At the community center, they heard how participatory budgeting works: residents propose a project and lobby to encourage the support of other residents who are invited to vote among all the proposals.

Nabil Al-Khudairi, center, is one of the young men behind the renovation of the city stadium and the installation of a sports field. © Julian Saliou

Two years later, not only was the city's stadium renovated, but a street course (facilities allowing outdoor weight training) was also constructed next to it. At a cost of 120 thousand euros.

“There are always people”

“For our idea to succeed, we involved residents and collected good suggestions. The work is paying off,” says Nabil Al-Khudairi, who came on Wednesday, June 19, 2024 to inaugurate the project.

And in the space located a few meters from the Happiness Garden, another achievement resulting from participatory budgeting, we can now Doing group sports, weight lifting exercises, and playing pétanque… “There are always people. »

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“We've received some negative feedback on social media. So we don't deserve to have this equipment in a sensitive area. Now that Other young people from the neighborhood saw that it was possibleThe 20-year-old smiles.

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