A new icon appears on WhatsApp: here's what's behind it

The pleasant suspense and modernity excite WhatsApp users with a file look Heart emoji in their Calls tab. This little code is still in testing phase Trial version The app promises to add a touch of personalization to the calling experience. If you're wondering what's beating so hard at the heart of WhatsApp, stay tuned: we'll reveal what this mysterious heart means and how it could change the way we add messages. Favorite contacts To our contact list.

Heart symbols on WhatsApp

the New heart emoji It has been discreetly slid into my users' Calls tab Trial version From WhatsApp, but the matter did not go unnoticed. What does it mean? It's very simple: it's used to identify your featured contacts, much like the pinning function already allows for chats. The difference lies in the delicate and personal symbolism of the heart, which enhances the emotional dimension of our communications.

With a tap on the heart emoji, users can now Add favorite contacts to their call list, allowing them to find and contact them quickly and easily. An intuitive and visual way that makes the user experience smoother. This little innovation could soon become one of those details that we can no longer ignore in our digital daily lives.

When does the heart come to everyone?

Although this new feature is currently limited to beta versions of WhatsApp, the burning question remains: When will we all be able to use it?? We can speculate about the upcoming introduction in the regular version of the app, depending on user feedback and modifications made by the developers.

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Beta testers, the forefront of WhatsApp

Joining a WhatsApp beta tester provides a great place to try out the latest features before anyone else. Additionally, the choice of colors for the aforementioned heart emojis can further personalize, adding a touch of joy and originality to your already well-stocked contact lists.

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