A new drone attack on a Russian airport

A new drone attack on a Russian airport

Cold-weather Ukraine repairs power facilities after Russian attack

Ukraine struggled on Tuesday to repair its energy facilities, damaged by a new volley of Russian missiles on Monday, and to resupply Ukrainians deprived of electricity and water as temperatures soar into the country. Of the more than 70 missiles launched by Moscow, “bone” Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed. But the new shots were intentional “To make Ukrainians suffer as much as possible”While the icy cold is hitting the country, the head of Ukrenergo, the Ukrainian electricity operator, said. “Cold Spike” expected Tuesday and Wednesday, Volodymyr Kudritsky warned on TV. He said, “The timing chosen by the Russians for this attack is related to their desire to carry out this attack (…) maximum damage to our energy system”Saucepan.

Nearly half of the energy facilities have been damaged after months of systematic attacks, plunging Ukrainians into darkness and cold. The electricity operator said that emergency repairs are underway, but that power outages will have to be enforced throughout Ukraine. because of the consequences of the bombing (…)In order to maintain a balance between electricity production and consumption, an emergency cut-off system will be implemented in all regions of Ukraine. Electricity will be provided as a priority for basic infrastructures.”Ukrenergo insisted on Telegram. but, Some power plants will not be able to operate at full capacity for a while.depending on the operator. “Coupled with the frost that will intensify over the next twenty-four hours, this will cause an energy deficit in the system.”

“The situation is difficult, but under control.”Oknergo added, as the Kyiv forces announced that they had destroyed more than 60 of the approximately 70 missiles fired by the Russians. The Russian army admitted “Intense strike with high precision weapons” At noon Monday, it targeted Ukrainian military sites and energy infrastructure associated with Ukrainian forces. Strikes ruled by Russian President Vladimir Putin “inevitable”.

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