A must have for your tax returns

A must have for your tax returns

The importance of consulting your My Agirc-Arcco account #

Since February 1, Agirc-Arcco services have made available to members the tax certificate relating to their retirement income. Just like basic plans, supplementary pension funds transfer your pension amount to the tax authorities.

Comparison of the indicated tax amounts with those of Agirc-Arcco #

The amounts indicated correspond to the total and taxable amounts paid by your pension funds in the period between January 1 and December 31, 2023. It is therefore important to check that the information sent by Agirc-Arcco is indeed that which was entered in your income tax return. Available on Impots.gouv.fr. But it would be wise to Compare the amounts mentioned by the two entities.

A basic approach for retirees #

While some may be surprised by the importance given to their personal space consultation at Agirc-Arcco, it is crucial to remember that this relates directly to the tax situation of retirees. In fact, mastering this information allows you to avoid any problems or disputes with the tax administration.

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Easy access for all retirees

Some may think that older people are uncomfortable with new technologies and managing their information online. However, it is important to note that online services have been greatly simplified in recent years and the vast majority of retirees now have access to the Internet and know how to use the different platforms.

How to connect to your personal Agirc-Arcco space? #

To access your personal My Agirc-Arcco space, simply go to the organization's official website and enter your identifiers (email address and password). If you have not created your account yet, you can do so directly online by providing some personal information and choosing a secure password.

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Configure notifications to be informed of new developments

In order not to miss any news related to your retirement from Agirc-Arcco, it is possible to configure notifications via email or SMS. This will allow you to quickly be aware of updates, documents available for download, or important deadlines to meet.

In conclusion: a necessary and useful approach for retirees #

Connecting to your personal Agirc-Arcco space is therefore an essential step to ensure the correctness of the information sent to the tax authorities and to avoid any possible problems with the tax administration. In addition, this will allow you to stay up to date with news regarding your additional pension and effectively manage your online procedures.

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By taking the time to regularly consult your My Agirc-Arcco account, you will be able to do this Ensure proper management of your tax situation And calmly prepare for your financial future as a private sector retiree.

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