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A more than 2,500-year-old treasure that Walker discovered in Sweden

A hiker discovered a Bronze Age treasure in a forest near the town of Alingsås in southwest Sweden. With about fifty gems and many relics.

A Bronze Age treasure containing about 50 gems and artifacts no less than 2,500 years old has been discovered in Sweden by a guide enthusiast, authorities said Thursday when submitting the finds.

considered as “just awesome“If saved”NiceLocal authorities said the discovery was made by chance in early April in a forest near the town of Alingsås in southwestern Sweden. The jewelry was found in the open in front of the rocks, possibly after dug by animals. “It looked like scrap metal. At first I thought to myself that it was a lampExplorer Thomas Carlson said. This guiding enthusiast, who had been updating the map, then bent over and found a necklace and adornment, he told the Dagens Nyheter daily. “Everything looked very new, at first I believed in fakesAfter reporting the find, a team of archaeologists came to examine the site, he said.

According to Johan Ling, professor of archeology at the University of Gothenburg,Most of the objects found are in bronze and associated with a high-ranking woman from the Bronze AgeDated between 750 and 500 B.C. JC, includes well-preserved necklaces, chains and brooches.

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