A Month of Discovery: Three Unpublished Artists on Espace Saint-Michel

A Month of Discovery: Three Unpublished Artists on Espace Saint-Michel

Marie-Claude Montaigne Celes, President of the Society of Friends of Saint-Michel, is always pleased with the practice of presenting a new exhibition.

This time, she is not hiding her happiness at the reveal of the three artists who are coming for the first time to Espace Saint-Michel in the penultimate period of the season.

Each of these three artists will take the audience on their own “inside journey”.

Dominique Gentreux, François Sternesha, Charlotte Fernandez, Jean-François Ross, Marie-Claude Montaigne Siier, Michel Rosier, Christian Twohy Romeo and Giselle Bemoret

dignitaries in the company of the artists surround the president during this opening, Friday 3 September.

Influenced by the expressionism of Goya and Van Gogh, painting Dominique Gentro relentless. He gets his inspiration from Nature, lively, calm or tormented, landscapes in which bold colors, green, blue, ocher are dared. He tries to catch the music and smell the colors.

Its large forms sparkle with the blue of the vault and the natural light of the stained-glass windows.

Everyone can, using their mobile phone, flash the QR code next to each work and directly access the artist’s website whose studio is located in Landes, Saugnac-et-Cambran.

Michel Roser, installed in Montau, in the heart of the Landes Forest, metal sculpture. His training as an artistic ironworker naturally led him to sculpture in wrought iron and bronze.

As a tribute to our prehistoric ancestors, he made bronze statues mounted on steel pedestals.

He adopts the recurring theme of contemporary dance for his female sculptures, the lightness of bodies, their flexibility and elegance and then sparkle through them.

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Francois Sternisha, an artist from Ajin, chose photography as the basis for expressing his art. But only photography would be too reductive, and therefore with the portrait, mixing drawing and painting, to express:

  • Either the sublime as in his image of a woman,
  • Or, more violently, tragic, like the triptych on the tarpaulin representing immigrants swallowed up by the ocean, and in contrast to the sky, the passage of migratory birds, bearing witness to the cycle of life that goes on.

Behind this poignant message, the artistic approach is subtle and full of poetry. He sees the world before his usual situation, takes a look and brings back new, unexpected gatherings.

Poetry, Suffering, Nostalgia, Clarity, the work of François Sternice is a compendium and summary of the entire ‘Inner Journey’ exhibition.

Espace San Michele – Rue Saint-Michel, in the condom

Open daily from 3pm to 7pm, except on Mondays

Contact by email at [email protected] or by phone at 06 74 27 48 61

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