A magnetic storm will hit Earth on Wednesday: the aurora borealis and slight disturbances expected

A magnetic storm will hit Earth on Wednesday: the aurora borealis and slight disturbances expected

The solar flare recorded at the end of June caused large amounts of plasma to be released into our solar system. They should land on Earth on Wednesday, July 6th.

Although the Earth is separated by millions of kilometers from the Sun, it has not been spared the vagaries of our star. At the end of June, a powerful solar flare released large amounts of plasma throughout the entire solar system. Discharges heading on Wednesday, July 6th refer to the blue planet Send.

After cutting millions of kilometers, these discharges will come into contact with the Earth and, more precisely, with the magnetic field that surrounds our planet. When the plasma particles are close enough, the physical interaction will lead to magnetic storms, sometimes called a magnetar storm or a geomagnetic storm.

The aurora borealis and electrical disturbances

This phenomenon will lead to sudden and intense energy fluctuations that may have an effect on the Earth’s atmosphere.

Thus, it will be necessary to anticipate malfunctions in some electrical networks and satellites. Minor disturbances which will nevertheless provide a wonderful spectacle because part of the United States will have the opportunity to observe the appearance of the aurora borealis.

In 1921, still in the United States, a magnetic storm plunged more than 130 million homes into darkness due to widespread blackouts.

The silence before the hurricane ?

But this magnetic storm can be nothing compared to what can await us in the coming weeks. As reported by the scientific media trust my knowledgea sunspot, dubbed AR3038 last June, is growing very fast and raising fears of a major event.

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This spot in the Sun, directed toward the Earth, can create a solar flare and this time cause even bigger disturbances, like satellites falling to Earth.

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