A local case has been recorded in New Zealand

A local case has been recorded in New Zealand

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern during a statement on Covid-19 in Wellington on March 5, 2021. – France Press agency

It is a new contamination of the Coronavirus that has the specificity of emphasizing the difficulty of once again allowing travel without quarantine. On Thursday, New Zealand health authorities confirmed the emergence of a local case in Auckland. A person who has tested positive
Covid-19 He is a security guard who works in a hotel where New Zealanders are quarantined upon their return from abroad.

This announcement comes in particular two days after the decision to open a “bubble” with Australia through which citizens of the two countries could travel again. It seems that no containment of the largest city in the country or any change related to the opening of this future “bubble” is not being taken into account at this time. However, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the immediate suspension of flights fromdewMost of the carriers of the virus have arrived in recent weeks.

The “bubble” between New Zealand andAustralia It is set to open on April 19, just over a year after the South Pacific archipelago closed its borders due to the pandemic. Since then, countries have contained the epidemic to a large extent, recording only intermittently a handful of pollution outbreaks that were quickly controlled by implementing short local isolations.

About 95 active cases

However, the authorities indicated that if a certain number of Covid-19 cases emerge, they can suspend the ‘bubble’. Residents who decide to travel to the neighboring country may suddenly find themselves forced into an expensive quarantine upon their return.

New Zealand currently has 95 active cases of Covid-19: a security guard plus another 94 people arriving from abroad who tested positive for the virus upon arrival. They were all placed in a special quarantine center. Most of those who tested positive for the virus are returning from India via Dubai. The prime minister said the suspension of entry into New Zealand for those coming from India would be in effect from April 11-28.

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