A huge fireball streaks across the Oxford sky

A huge fireball streaks across the Oxford sky

A giant fireball was seen in the sky of Oxford (England), Monday evening. According to the information he provided police Local, it would be a Explosion It occurred near the town of Yarnton, Reports Le Figaro.

Pictures of this impressive event were broadcast and transmitted on the channel social networks By many witnesses. Following the appearance of this fireball, the authorities published a press release on the X website (formerly Twitter) to clarify the situation: “It is believed that lightning struck gas containers at the site due to bad weather conditions and caused a large fire.

No evacuation is planned

This phenomenon was quickly confirmed by waste management company Severn Trent Green Power. Lightning reportedly struck a digester at the plant, causing the company’s biogas tanks to explode. As the latter says on her Facebook account. She confirmed: “Fortunately, no one was hurt.” After the tankers exploded, about forty firefighters and local police were sent to the scene. BBC says. “I looked out the kitchen window, and it was as if the whole sky was pulsing with orange,” an Oxford University employee told the television station.

According to many residents of north Oxford, this event led to a power outage. If an eviction notice is not issued to local residents, the Valley Police will The Times It still advises residents to stay indoors and keep their windows closed for a few hours.

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