A huge crater has been discovered in China that harbors a primitive forest

A huge crater has been discovered in China that harbors a primitive forest

A team of scientists has identified a giant crater in the Guangxi region of southern China. Hole includes virgin forest and potentially unknown species.

After a team of Chinese researchers discovered in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, caves descended into the bowels of the stream on Friday, May 6, 2022.

And they were able to discover that the hole contains at least three cave entrances and ancient trees 40 meters high, according to an article published by “Reuters”. geo. According to Zhang Yuanhai, chief engineer at Karst Geology Institute, the depths of the stream “looked like another world”. This primeval forest can contain a variety of unknown species of mammals and insects.

giant pits

The depth of this chasm? 192 meters! Therefore, it is possible to classify it within the Great Abyss. The latter, under the Chinese mandarin name Tianqing (translated as “heavenly pit”), are special geological zones. The landscape there was shaped by the dissolution of rocks by rainwater, creating a void in the basement and frequent avalanches. Currently, 30 new craters have been identified in southern China.

But the Middle Kingdom is not the only country that offers this type of terrain. About 20% of the world’s land area is made up of caves or volcanoes including Mexico and Papua New Guinea.

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