A hiker almost died due to Google Maps, and this is not the first time

A hiker almost died due to Google Maps, and this is not the first time

Unusual – We’ve all been fooled by Google Maps telling us the worst route, but it doesn’t always end that bad. At the beginning of November in Canada, a hiker was rescued by helicopter after taking a trip… Ghost rising “. The path is only available on Google Maps, and leads to dangerous rapids. As you can see in the video above.

Rescuers indicated on Facebook that this was the third intervention in this location on the mountain. Two years ago, a pedestrian suffered a fatal fall there. And if this time Google updates its forest map by removing a marker Effect Non-existent, and this is not the first time that the application has found itself at the heart of tragic events.

In 2022, an American motorist died after trusting Google Maps, which suggested that he had passed over an already collapsed bridge. However, local residents repeatedly contacted Google to ask them to edit their maps online. On November 3 in South Africa, Islam Online Reports of a tourist being shot while crossing A town Dangerous when leaving Cape Town Airport. You guessed it, this is the route recommended by Google Maps.

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In response, Google emphasized that it is not its job to determine which neighborhoods are the most dangerous, which is encouraging “Drivers should follow local laws, stay alert and use common sense.” However, the US government has issued a warning to travelers to South Africa, advising them not to rely on GPS, as the most efficient route is not always the safest. And if we listen to the rescuers, when hiking, you should prefer specialized applications, such as CalTopo and Gaia GPS, or even a compass and paper map. To find your way.

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