A Google co-founder's residence in New Zealand is controversial

A Google co-founder’s residence in New Zealand is controversial

Billionaire Larry Page managed to cross the border despite the restrictions imposed by the health situation.

New Zealand, despite the border being closed due to Covid-19, is still accessible to some – especially if they are wealthy, sorry for the grieving souls. Google co-founder Larry Page was able to enter the territory to receive treatment for his son from Fiji, despite the measures taken to curb the epidemic.

If the facts date back to the beginning of the year, then the information that has been disclosed, is currently arousing a protest, especially from the opposition, which has requested explanations. “Why is Larry Page (…) allowed into New Zealand when desperate New Zealanders and separated families cannot cross the border?” , David Seymour, leader of the opposition liberal ACT party, responded. The immigration minister said the billionaire had requested an exemption on medical grounds. In November 2020, the historical founder of the Internet giant submitted an application for residence in this country, which for several years has been trying to attract investors with a program similar to “golden visas” for Portugal or Cyprus. Paige’s application was only processed after he arrived in Auckland on January 12, 2021. He received his Investor Plus residency visa the following month. To get this sesame, any applicant must have NZ$10 million ($7 million) to invest in the country within three years. After taking advantage of this highly selective entry among New Zealanders, the Paige family left the territory, according to the New Zealand press.

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