A giant squid washes up on a New Zealand beach

A giant squid washes up on a New Zealand beach

– Roy Palma / Shutterstock.com

A few days ago, a group of tourists saw a giant squid carcass in the deep sea on a beach in Farewell, New Zealand. This was four meters long. According to scientists, this is an extremely rare sight.

The squid The giant was seen by tour guide Anton Donaldson. After informing his group of this, he shared photos of the creature on social media. ” With three hearts, the largest eye in the animal kingdom, and a parrot-like beak designed to pluck out flesh—the giant squid is a cephalopod. Our lucky passengers had the unique opportunity to see one of the true mysteries of the depths He didn’t say.

The giant squid is the second largest mollusk in the world after the colossal squid. Females can reach 13 meters in length and males up to 10 meters. Scientists believe that they are spread all over the world. However, they have been rarely seen so far, living at depths of more than 900 metres.

Two Oceans Aquarium, a popular aquarium located in South Africa, reports that only 677 giant squid have been sighted so far. The slugs were only photographed alive in 2005 and only photographed in 2006.

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