A genius invention to “absorb” waves and protect the coasts from rising waters!

A genius invention to “absorb” waves and protect the coasts from rising waters!

Speaking of the environment, the equation is two-fold.

Leave a planet in good condition for our children, leave children in good condition for the planet… and also and above all, so that they can find smart, useful and relevant solutions to repair the damage and live in harmony with nature, an abundant and generous nature.

This is why we must train our children.

Train them to aim for excellence, not mediocrity.

We need everyone. First in line, like last in line. They are all important. They are all useful. We must collectively get the best and want the best for each of our young people, each according to their abilities and desires.

This is how we have scientists invent, and here are advances that will be useful for repairing damage, avoiding climate migrations, and protecting habitats.

While we should not deny the risks, we must not forget that in many cases we will find solutions.

There is nothing linear in life!

This invention makes it possible to absorb waves: a major advance in coastal protection

“An international team of researchers has taken an important step forward in neutralizing waves, opening new horizons for coastal protection and creating resilient floating habitats. This progress, described in a study recently published in the journal Physical Review Letters, is based on fundamental physics principles and offers innovative solutions to address coastal erosion.” Increasing due to climate change.

This conceptual view shows a waveguide directing water waves toward two cavities. These cavities, when certain dimensions are chosen, can generate secondary waves that completely cancel out the reflected and transmitted waves, indicating perfect absorption.

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Instead of relying on complex technologies or energy sources, these scientists developed wave absorbers based on physical principles. Their method relies on the use of specially designed cavities, which act as an ideal wave absorber.

This new approach represents a paradigm shift, explains Director of Research at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), Agnès Morell. She explains that it is now important to make some coastal areas calm to combat erosion, instead of seeking to exploit wave energy as was the case before.

How does this technology work?
The device designed by scientists relies on the use of two cavities placed perpendicular to the waves on the bank. These cavities are specially designed to effectively absorb wave energy. The precise geometry of these cavities is key to their effectiveness: individually they can reduce the size of waves, but their combination succeeds in canceling wave forces completely.

By perfectly fine-tuning these cavities, scientists are able to store and dissipate wave energy, making the water’s surface remarkably calm. »

Our imagination has no limits!

So, yes my friends.

A planet is a limited space.

Infinite material growth is intellectual absurdity as is refusing to see that the growth of knowledge, technologies, know-how or creativity is infinite!

We have already found many solutions and we will find more.

Science will not save us from everything, and it may even be very dangerous or harmful.

Here again, everything is within limits and accuracy.

In the end, perhaps the sea will not overflow as much as feared!

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