A fisherman saved his life after 24 hours at sea thanks to his watch

A fisherman saved his life after 24 hours at sea thanks to his watch

After falling into the water on Tuesday, the survivor used his watch to reflect sunlight and attracted the attention of three fishermen who were passing by.

A New Zealand fisherman made what police called an “absolute miracle” rescue on Thursday, January 4, after spending nearly 24 hours in the water, using the sun's reflection on his watch to attract attention.

The man was fishing alone when he fell into the sea on Tuesday (January 2) after catching a marlin off the Coromandel Peninsula on the east coast of New Zealand's North Island.

“Sniffed” by a shark

According to what was reported by a local daily newspaper. New Zealand HeraldThe fisherman initially tried to swim to the Alderman Islands, located southeast of Mercury Bay on the North Island, before he was swept away by the currents and was unable to return to his boat.

Police Sergeant Will Hamilton said: “He had spent a cold night in the ocean and was too exhausted to continue swimming. While he was in the water, a shark came and sniffed him before leaving.”

According to the New Zealand newspaper, the man remained awake for about two days.

Three fishermen saved him

On Wednesday afternoon, Mike, Tyler and James, three men fishing in the area, noticed an unusual reflection in the water, according to the NZ Herald.

Sergeant Will Hamilton said: “They decided to search and discovered another hunter desperately trying to get their attention using the sun's reflection on his watch.”

“Good to see you,” were the first words uttered by the rescued fisherman when he saw rescuers arriving, the NZ Herald reported. Then the three men quickly took him out of the water and wrapped him in all the warm clothes they found on their boat.

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Once he was rescued, rescuers immediately informed the police and headed to Whangamata Marina.

“It is a true miracle that the fisherman survived this ordeal. Had it not been for the quick intervention of the three men who saved him, the outcome would certainly have been tragic.”

The fisherman was 55 kilometers from the North Island of New Zealand. Once on the ground, he was treated by St John Ambulance staff and suffered hypothermia, according to the NZ Herald.

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