A father and two of his sons die on Christmas Day

A father and two of his sons die on Christmas Day

The father and two of his young sons died on Christmas Day Saturday in a fire that broke out in their home in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, USA. CNN reports.

According to the first elements of the investigation, a Christmas tree installed for the holidays caught fire and quickly spread throughout the house.

The fire was caused by an “electrical problem and dry tree” that police identified.

The firefighters had great difficulty entering the house due to the ferocity of the fire.

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Mother and eldest son survived the fire

“The front door and front window were closed, and the fire had spread throughout the house by this time. It was very difficult for the firefighters to get in safely. It took some time,” said Fire Chief Doug Wilhelm.

When firefighters were able to enter the property, they discovered the bodies of Eric King, 41, and his two sons on the second floor. Two family members also died in the fire.

The mother and her eldest son managed to escape from the flames. They sustained only minor burns and were taken to hospital.

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