A duel between China and the United States in Xinjiang while Guterres is a tightrope walker

A duel between China and the United States in Xinjiang while Guterres is a tightrope walker

At the United Nations, sparks persist between China and the United States, this time The virtual high-level meeting organized by the United States of America, Germany and the United Kingdom and co-sponsored by Canada, Australia and New Zealand And many other European countries to defend the human rights of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang. A provocation to Beijing, which has pressured the member states of the United Nations not to participate and to determine the initiative. “anticinese“.

Here is the conference video.

At the meeting About 50 countries participated Out of 193, it is a number indicating Beijing’s huge influence on the global chessboard. Italy was present and also intervened with Ambassador Stefano Stefanelli. In a memorandum issued last week, the Chinese mission rejected the accusations and blamed the organizers for their use.Human rights issues as a political tool for interference in internal affairs“From the country and”It causes divisions and unrest“.

US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas Greenfield (UN Photo / Mark Garten)

Western countries and human rights groups believe that ethnic Turkish groups are being tortured in de facto detention camps in Xinjiang. According to Agnes Callamard, Secretary General of Amnesty International, there are at least one million people arbitrarily detained. But for its part, China describes the camps as vocational training facilities for combating religious extremism.

We will continue to stand and speak until the Chinese government stops its crimes against humanity and the genocide of the Uyghurs and other minorities.US Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield said at the event.

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China has nothing to hideChinese diplomat Guo Jiakon repeated. “We welcome everyone to visit Xinjiang, but we are against any kind of falsehood investigation“.

António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations (flickr.com)

The absence of Michelle Bachelet, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, did not go unnoticed at the meeting, and it is also impossible not to notice the balancing act taken by the Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who did not make an official statement. His reelection is upon us, and China and the United States, permanent members of the Security Council, can use their veto power. So the United Nations seems hesitant, so much so that even regarding the Israeli-Palestinian issue that nowadays occupies the front pages of newspapers around the world, Guterres’ position was considered extremely cautious by the Palestinian government. Ordinary journalists.

The The duel between the Group of Three, the main permanent forces of the Security Council, continues Few days offUnited Nations Governing Committee meeting on pluralism, At the invitation of China and chaired by its Foreign Minister Wang Yi, and where US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

A veiled look at Russia and China, and a reference to Human rights and the principle of sovereign equalityBlinken said thatWhen UN member states mock these principles and block attempts to hold those who violate international law to account, they send the message that other states can also violate these rules with impunity.“.

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