A digital space for citizens of the Crédit Agricole de Carbonne

The first digital space for citizens of the Credit Agricole de Carbon was inaugurated on Thursday 25 November by the President of Caisse Locale, Patrice Garrigues and its Director Farid Nimri.

Crédit Agricole, a player committed to digital inclusion since 2017, wants to make the internet easier for all who need it. That is why it is opening up the first digital space for citizens within the Carbonne Agency, providing residents of the city and its surroundings with free access to full computers to carry out their administrative actions.

Thus they will be able to have a “high-speed” Internet connection and the equipment (computer and printer) necessary to carry out their online actions:

– Administrative Procedures: Shortcuts are configured on the computer to facilitate access to the most requested sites such as Taxes, City Hall, Prefecture, Pole Emploi, AMELI, MSA …

Consultation with his bank accounts.

– Online purchases: train or plane tickets, tickets for shows, etc.

Every Thursday afternoon, customers and non-clients, can pre-register by calling the agency at, in this “digital space” and thus benefit from free advice from volunteers (associations, retirees,) who can support them in their efforts .

“The idea arose from a finding that has been expressed on several occasions by our clients about the difficulties they encountered in the procedures to be performed online. From now on, this space will be at their disposal and we will be able to provide support to them by appointment” Farid Nimri says:

With a network of about 100 branches throughout the department, if this new service proves useful, Crédit Agricole de Toulouse will open another 31 digital spaces for citizens in its branches.

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