A “cool” gift from a Pokémon Go player to their soul mate

A “cool” gift from a Pokémon Go player to their soul mate

A Pokémon Go player shared his creation for one of the gifts he gave his partner.

In Pokémon Go, gifts with friends are used to encourage players to interact with each other. Gifts in Pokémon Go can be sent and received by people on their friends list, allowing players to share items and stickers with each other.

The gifting mechanism in Pokémon Go can be useful for newcomers, but some players quickly tire of receiving gifts. The only reason some people deal with gifts is when they are related to research assignments, which require them to send or receive a specific number of items.

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Many gifts will be up for grabs during the Christmas holiday period on Pokémon Go.

Although there is a lot of Pokémon merchandise in the world, there are no official Pokémon Go gift packs except for printable paper craft designs. That hasn’t stopped some fans from creating their own gifts to give to their friends and loved ones in real life.

A Pokémon Go player gave his partner a real gift

A user on Pokémon Go Reddit named Ice8tack showed off a homemade gift he created for his partner. According to his comments in the thread, it is made of foam board that was then painted.

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“These crafts are really cool, I hope your partner likes them.”One user writes, while another says: “This is absolutely gorgeous (the gift, the work that went into it, and the contents!)”

Inside the lucky gift is a small soft toy from Wattwatt. This means that the gift will likely be given out near Pokémon Go’s upcoming Wattouat Community Day, when players will have a higher than usual chance of picking up a shiny piece. So the lucky Pokémon Go player will also encounter more Wattouats in real life.

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The Pokémon Go community is often a haven of negativity, and that’s not always the fans’ fault. The game has many issues that need to be addressed regarding monetization and mechanics, which often dominate the discourse.

In this regard, it’s nice to see some positivity and love towards homemade creativity from Pokémon Go fans, especially those attached to a mechanic centered around giving and receiving.

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