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A cafe opened in Paris in honor of New Zealand

Gabriel left for New Zealand in 2013. There he discovered the world of coffee. It was only natural that when he returned to France, he decided to open his own New Zealand-inspired store.

Hi Gabriel, Can you introduce yourself first? Where are you from ? how old are you ?

My name is JibrilI’m 33 years old and I’m fromAix-en-Provence. I worked in a hotel school Lyon. After that she enrolled in Business School and Masters degree in Tourism. After I got this master’s degree New Zealand, So it was in September 2013.

In May 2014, I had the opportunity, with a friend, to have a coffee from a New Zealander who is no longer working out much. We decided to make a cafe / bakery combination called The appointment to me AucklandIt lasted about a year. It was there that I discovered the world of coffee and all the details of the specialty coffee. After that, she also helped a friend open his small restaurant and then worked for a company that had nothing to do on a construction site for a while, until she left. So I spent five and a half years in New Zealand And now I’m a resident so I can go back a little whenever I want.

Then I finally came home France In April 2019.

I lived in New Zealand for several years, why did you come to this country? What do you remember from your stay there?

I have played rugby a lot since I was little. When I was masters, I played a lot with New Zealand and it was this friend who made me want to go there in the beginning. At the end of my studies at the hotel, I had to do a six-month internship in Melbourne, Followed by a fixed-term contract of six months. But I broke my wrist in rugby, so the training period was canceled.

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It was in my head for a long time to try to get away Australia Et al New Zealand day. I’ve never been abroad before, but the country attracted me a lot and loved rugby, so it just happened naturally.

Initially I had a return ticket, I had to leave for eight months but two weeks before I left we opened our cafe so my stay was extended!

You created a New Zealand-inspired café in Paris, how did you get that idea?

When I got back France, I couldn’t find a place to have a good morning coffee. There is a lot in it France Especially for Paris, But they are often in living quarters and residential areas, in 17th, 11th and 12th arrondissements, in Marais, Etc.

Therefore, I looked for a local citizen on the eighth. My idea was basically to partner with someone, but I wanted to keep the job I was holding at the time, I was a buyer as a consultant. While searching, I found a room in good standing and finally told myself it might be a good fit to really try it out and decided I was the only one who would. I never saw myself entrusting my own project to someone else. It definitively took place on July 31 and opened on September 8.

I wanted to put New Zealand Forward first because there I really learned this job in addition to New Zealand It was a place that made me grow a lot and this was my first trip abroad so I guess that’s also the reason why it affected me so much. The people I met and their kindness and the country itself that makes you dream so much made me try to convey this in my own cafe, because I really wanted a place where people could relax and unwind. Relax, I wanted to get them to travel!

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Can you tell us a little bit about the services and products you offer?

The oldest specialty coffee, it’s been around since the end of the 1970s, and it was an American who made this in partnership with small farmers who said to themselves that it would be nice to buy bean quality coffee. It really has nothing to do with traditional coffee as it is often organic, handcrafted products. Upon arrival FranceThey are roasted locally, are cooked more smoothly and allow more aromas to be retained.

So I offer a large selection of coffee, teas and chocolates, as well as Anglo-Saxon pastries.

What are you planning for the future? Do you think you’ll be back in New Zealand one day?

Very likely to be back there for vacation, moreover, I wanted to go back in January but Coronavirus disease Complicated things. At the moment, I don’t want to go back to settling there, because I’m glad I found my family and my French life. In addition, my project with my coffee shop is to develop it and open several of it, so that I can share my passion with as many people as possible. I’ll first try to open two or three in Paris but if I can try to open some of them on the coast as well, that’d be cool!

IWI Cafe located in 6 rue de la Poitie, 75008 Paris, France.

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