A 103-year-old Italian driver was caught driving his car in the middle of the night without a license

A 103-year-old Italian driver was caught driving his car in the middle of the night without a license

Giuseppina, who lives near Bologna, was stopped without a license and without insurance at midnight on Monday. Since then, his face has been appearing on television and social media.


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Since the police search on 11 March 2024, Giuseppina has been questioned by several local media outlets.  (screenshot)

Some people are having fun, others are talking about the general danger. But her impudence makes everyone agree that Giuseppina Molinari, 103, is the most famous delinquent in Italy right now. In a few days she rose TV tour And social networking sites after she was arrested at midnight on Monday, March 11, for not having a driver’s license while driving her car.

The elderly woman, who does not have her tongue in her pocket, was examined by police at about one o'clock in the morning from Sunday night to last Monday. She was driving her white Fiat Panda car randomly on small roads in the Ferrara area, near Bologna. She was returning from a card game with her friends in the town of Bondino, 10 kilometers from her home.

By car or bike

The problem: Her driver's license has been expired for two years and she has no insurance. In Italy, after the age of 80, the driving license must be renewed every two years, with a medical examination. “Yes! Without a license!”Giuseppina tells local reporters easily, a little boastfully. They fined me, but they were nice. yesterday [mardi]I went to Bondino but by bike, I feel good! It takes about half an hour.”Guius, his nickname, To join his friends by pedaling.

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The Carabinieri patrol was also tasked with “a surprise“When they have”The driver's year of birth was discovered: 1920. “Before you worry about that driver.”Confused, (who) continued to walk the same streets“.

Since then, social networks have been divided between those who enjoy the story: those who talk about the public danger and those who offer a taxi ride to the centenarian in great condition. But it doesn't matter: Giuseppina now dreams of owning a Vespa. Here's a gift idea for her 104th birthday, Tuesday, March 19.

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