8 Habits And Attitudes Found In (Almost All) The Smartest People, According To Science

8 Habits And Attitudes Found In (Almost All) The Smartest People, According To Science

Linguistic, logical-mathematical, or even spatial: intelligence exists in many different forms. It seems difficult to define in a completely objective way, depending on the form used. However, many scientists who have studied intelligence have found that it can be detected in certain people, because they share certain habits.

Different relationship with others than smart people

According to several studies conducted by the University of Texas (USA), people with a lower IQ than others tend to be more selfish, and they find it difficult to listen to others. On the other hand, individuals smarter The average person has three recurring personality traits:

  • They managed to prove it With great sympathy.
  • They also tend to think and analyze everything around them, and they often imagine the worst possible scenario, which quickly makes them stressful and suspicious.
  • but, Their relationships are often more lasting and stable From others, when they put their trust and friendship.

Smart people sleep

  • Other studies conducted by the London School of Economics (UK) revealed that the smartest people are used to sleeping well after half past midnight, especially those with an IQ above 125. And it is usually not limited to just weekends.
  • A study published by the journal Personality and individual differences She also revealed that intelligent people tend to ignore cues more frequently.

Common traits of intelligent people

A study conducted by the University of Michigan (USA) on nearly 600 parents and children over a period of 22 years has proven that smart people also have a different relationship with their emotions.

  • Thus, meaner people have a higher tendency to control themselves in the face of frustration or nervousness.
  • However, they may express their anger in a violent manner, and have a higher tendency to swear.
  • Finally, smart people have a different relationship with error, because they view failure as a positive thing.

In comparison, people with lower-than-average IQs will find it more difficult to recognize their mistakes, and bear their responsibilities, while attributing their failure to others. H

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