700,000 players, 50 hours of gameplay… all for the demo only!  PS5 players are already obsessed with this exclusivity

700,000 players, 50 hours of gameplay… all for the demo only! PS5 players are already obsessed with this exclusivity

Game news 700,000 players, 50 hours of gameplay… all for the demo only! PS5 players are already obsessed with this exclusivity

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Overall, playing a demo of a game is the best way to see if you'll enjoy the final product. Many studios have understood this, and major releases are often preceded by a demo that provides an hour or two of playable content. Furthermore, the recently released demo was a massive hit with fans, even surpassing the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo…

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Fans are clamoring to get their hands on this new IP

Despite the controversy surrounding it SHIFT UP company And the developers' choices regarding the design of female characters Star blade – Especially Eveits main character – anticipation is at its peak for the release of the next exclusive part PlayStation 5. In fact, there are only two weeks to wait before the new IP launches Turn upAnd the community that has been created in recent months seems eager to embark on this new adventure judging by it The amazing number of pre-orders.

Fortunately, thanks to the free demo available on PlayStation Store Since March 29, 2024, impatient players can pass the time by familiarizing themselves with the controls. EveAnd meet some secondary characters and discover some memories of the past while resting in each camp. Moreover, after only two weeks of its release, the demo seems to have convinced a lot of players, Since it overtook another very popular game that launched earlier this year…

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A scary success for the Stellar Blade demo

While the official release of Star blade It's never been so close, and the demo seems to have been unanimously appreciated by players. according to Amp analysisdemo of Star blade He would reach the heights in terms of popularity, because he collected no less than 690,000 daily active playersversus max 380,000 players For demo of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth In February. This success of the new IP is a very good sign, developers Turn up They seem pleased, even if some fans' enthusiasm sends shivers down the spine, as seen on Twitter (or X):

The developers are “very grateful for fans' love for the game”, but want players to “take it easy with the demo”, as some reportedly maxed out 50 hours of gameplayWhich scares them a little. If you haven't tried this demo yet, know that it has Lifespan is approximately one to one and a half hours on normal difficultyManaging a total of around fifty hours of gameplay is somewhat surprising given the content. who knows ? Maybe the last boss gave the player with this record a lot of trouble…

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“Stellar Blade could become the new star of action games” We played the PS5 demo and spoke with the creators: it exceeds our expectations!

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