6am News – France-New Zealand: Huge joy for fans in the Paris fan zone

6am News – France-New Zealand: Huge joy for fans in the Paris fan zone

The 15th of France released his supporters. After an hour of tension, the French players unleashed a great defeat on New Zealand (27-13), Friday, September 8, in the opening of the Rugby World Cup, in the sweltering Stade de France. It was warm a few kilometers away, in the “Rugby Village” on Place de la Concorde in Paris. Tens of thousands of supporters celebrated with dignity, under sweltering temperatures, the great success of Antoine DuPont's gang. The fans had chosen blue, white and red for France's opening XV, and were cheering wildly Marseille All evening.

In all, nearly 39,000 people gathered in front of the giant screens in this massive fan zone. After a complicated first period, the French players clearly dominated after returning from the dressing room until the match kicked off one minute before the end, with an attempt from Melvin Jaminet (79). The joy was enormous for the fans, who performed many concerts before the match. As with the players, the French fans gathered at Place de la Concorde will have given their all.

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