'60,000 at Wembley? So Covid is spreading'

‘60,000 at Wembley? So Covid is spreading’

“Britain keeps counting daily cases and deaths have increased 10 times, so it’s not true that nothing happened, let’s face it. Johnson’s political decision is very dangerous because running this virus is very risky, you can create new, more resistant variants to a vaccine. This virus is one step away. From this situation because it is a highly transmissible virus and is able to infect those who have taken only one dose and to a small extent also those who have taken both. Great Britain is with a great risk, the problem is that all other countries also take risks. Seeing 60,000 spectators at Wembley gives a reassuring idea about normal life, but it gave the virus another chance to spread. Political decisions”. So is Andrea Crisanti, director of the Department of Microbiology at the University of Padua, on the Radio Cusano campus.

Crisanti’s allure: the virus mutates faster than vaccines

“There are countries that are virus-free even though the population has not been vaccinated en masse, such as New Zealand and South Korea that have simply implemented policies to reduce transmission of the virus – continues Crisanti -. In Singapore there has been an outbreak. At the airport and they tested all the people likely to be involved in airport activity. And they prevented outbreaks. Instead, we believe that with vaccines, everything is solved, but it is not solved. A virus that changes like this depends on vaccines in my opinion will not have the desired effect, because we do not have the ability to update vaccines to variants As fast as the virus changes. To reformulate the vaccine, it takes two and a half months to distribute it, in the meantime the virus contains hundreds of thousands of people annually vaccinated against influenza, and another thing is to vaccinate tens of millions of people every year. ariante we had to prevent it from reaching Italy , through incoming and outgoing checks. But the problem is European, because if every country does what it likes and in Italy every region does what it likes, it becomes an incredible chaos.”.

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