6 Toits space now under a roof in Geneva

6 Toits space now under a roof in Geneva

The first reflections on the reconversion of the Charmel Industrial Zone (ZIC) began about ten years ago, under the supervision of the City of Geneva through a series of consultations with residents and users. Thus, starting from 2018, in accordance with the decisions of the Board of Directors, large areas that were occupied by municipal services are gradually freed up for creative and socially useful activities. At the beginning of 2021, MACO was born, a cooperative manufacturing company that brings together various associations around the circular economy and several workshops dedicated to “do it yourself”.

Today, it’s the turn of the space of 6 Toits, a place of artistic creativity and mediation born out of the collaboration between four major cultural institutions in Geneva that won the call for projects launched by the City of Geneva in 2019: the Eklekto percussion Centre, the Contrechamps Ensemble for Chamber Music and Contemporary Orchestra, and the Geneva Chamber Orchestra ( OCG) and the People’s Musical Institute, which will especially organize its fiftieth annual performances there.

Unique architecture

This new art center includes two halls for concerts and theatrical or interdisciplinary performances, six soundproofed training and teaching spaces, an Eklekto instrument room and an area open to the public. These different sectors are defined according to a unique architecture consisting of the majority of removable wood and glass columns, designed according to the criteria of sustainable development and with respect for the place as a historical industrial heritage. These modular structures will provide the possibility, once the end of the lease is reached, to move to another location or environment.

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The first show to officially open at these venues will be Flub, a musical theater for children aged 5-9 with a duel of sounds whistled by two flutes, while OCG will conclude with a musical repertoire that travels from Béla Bartok to the Rolling Stones. The day will be interspersed with musical tales, guided tours and a series of workshops on traditional Ugandan music. Audiences will also be able to walk as they please, by withdrawing into a drawing room or by experiencing an interactive audio installation.

6 ceilings areaopen day, Saturday 14 May, 9:30 a.m. – 3 p.m., www.conservatoirepopulaire.ch/les-6-toits

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