6 Nations: This is the match that could ruin everything for France’s XV

6 Nations: This is the match that could ruin everything for France’s XV

The footballer almost failed, I chose journalism because it is the only profession that allows you to criticize those who have succeeded. Having realized my dream of competing in the 2010 World Cup (in the press box), I live off my passion for window transfers and major sporting events as a second family.

A few days before entering France’s 15th Grand Prix in the 6 Nations Championship, the Blues are the big favorites for a new victory and, if the planets are balanced, a new Grand Slam. But a match can completely ruin the dynamic of the three colors. Meeting a trap and an opponent from whom it is absolutely necessary to beware … Italy.

By thinking that the guide will prevail, we forget about the ups and downs of the game and bad rebounds. Especially with the oval ball. the Francethe world’s second, undefeated country in 2022, and the defending Grand Slam champion, facesItaly In Rome for the first game of Competition. On paper, there’s no reason to shudder. No indication seems to prove all those involved in France’s fifteenth win. Are there reasons for concern? However, by looking carefully, we can find credit for this Squadra azzurra and make a point in the vigilance indexFrench national team.

Italy is capable of anything

in stats 6 Nations ChampionshipI’Italy Collects wooden spoons and undoubtedly remains the nation’s weakest in the competition. until he is in Competition disputed. However, Italians are sometimes capable of lightning. Like their victory in Gaul Last season. Since the arrival of NZ Kieran Crowley On top of Nazionale, you offer selection. And surprise. During this past fall’s Tour series, the Italians largely dominated Samoa (49-17) before delivering a historic victory againstAustralia (28-27). Results that can also be explained by the acquisition of a new generation of players, certainly more talented. The first of them is well known in the Top 14: Angel Capuzzo. the back of Toulouse stadiumauthor of Two Trials Last Weekend v Montpellier, is a cannon nacional. It was also he who contributed greatly to the Italian successes at Cardiff or against the Wallabies. There is no doubt about his motivation to face the Blues and defeat his teammates in the Garden of Rome.

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France will change the way they play

In Rome, the greatest danger to the Blues is themselves. Not that humility is absent from the group to the point of underestimating the opponent, the Blues don’t really have that spirit. But in applying the instructions, especially if they are new, the XV from France He can get lost and make a messy copy. Because counterItalyIn theory, the Blues would have the ball. And in spite of everything, it’s the complete opposite of the usual stripping-down tactic, which has made the Blues a hit so far. Given the world Cupthe XV from France He will develop his game, try to regain control of possession, and perfect his attacking game. This is the 2023 project that the staff of XV from France Mentioned here and there in various interviews. It remains to work on it and apply it. First attempt on sunday vsItaly. Did the Blues actually incorporate the new program? If not, there are likely to be concerns about the outcome of the match.

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