6 countries b. Spain is strong, Russia is in a stalemate … Results and videos for the third day

It is clear that Spain dominated Romania (38-21) and climbed to 15th place in the world rugby rankings. (© Rugby Europe screenshot)

Parallel to the 6-nation championship, the European Rugby Championship (6 countries b) also this weekend. if it was Portugal They didn’t struggle for a moment against a team Holland several tones below,Spain Sign a very good performance by presenting the scalp of Romania.

Finally, due to the recent events between Russia And Ukraine, rugby Europe decided to postpone the trip of the Russians to Georgia. The match will be played at a later time. A look back at what happened during this 3And the the day.

Spain – Romania: the first royal period of El XV del Leon

In Madrid, Spain made a strong impression by crushing Roman Columérin Mihai Macovei (38-21). Taken by Hinge Clouds Ruet Manuel OrdasEl XV del Leon pulled off a high-flying first half, scoring two attempts in the first 13 minutes, including one of the 80m finale 3And the Matthew Folds Line.

The Spanish team did not manage to release its grip thanks to the efforts to undermine its attackers, and widened the difference a little more to lead comfortably in the first half (28-7), after the objection of former midfielder Alvar Jimeno from Bézier. In the second half, the Romanians reacted somewhat, just enough to deny El XV del Leon a better success. it is obvious thatSpain is still undefeated in the 2022 edition of the tournament withand ascend to 15thAnd the A place in the rugby world rankings. You’ve never been this high before!

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Portugal – Netherlands: Os Lobos Factory 9 attempts

14 minutes: This is the time during which HollandDefinitely limited but brave in will, he led during this match in Caldas da Rainha. With a penalty kick, TC Campbell, of New Zealand origin, opened the scoring. Before OS Lobos finally got into the game to take control of his head and shoulders. number 9 Joe Belloplayed mischievously with a broken arm 5 meters from the line to plant the first Panderella.

Eight other attempts followed, including doubles for Oyonnax center, Pedro Bettencourtas well as number 8 Rafael Sim .es. This improved success (59-3) allows Portugal to continue to aspire to a place for the 2023 World Cup in France (first two to qualify for the standings, 3And the You will play in the Repechage Tournament). For the Netherlands, the hard learning continues: Promoted to Championship B, they agreed 3And the Heavy defeat in a row, having managed to score only 13 points (against 174 against).

Arranging the 2022 European Rugby Championship

  • 1. Spain (13 points)
  • 2- Romania (8 points)
  • 3- Georgia (7 pts-1)
  • 4. Portugal (7 points)
  • 5- Russia (1 point, -1)
  • 6. Netherlands (0 points)

Cumulative qualifying standings for the 2023 World Cup

  • Georgia (31 points, -1)
  • Spain (25 points)
  • Romania (21 points)
  • Portugal (21 points)
  • Russia (10 points, -1)
  • Netherlands (0 points)

next program

March 12 : Russia – Netherlands; Romania – Georgia / March 13 : Spain – Portugal
March 19 : Portugal – Russia; Netherlands – Romania / March 20 : Georgia – Spain

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