4x100 mind-blowing!  Jacobs and Torto make the Azzurri fly to the final

4×100 mind-blowing! Jacobs and Torto make the Azzurri fly to the final

4×100 blue show in Tokyo and conquered the final! The Italian record for Pata Jacobs Desallo Tortue

still Great Italy in speed On the athletics track! over there 4 x 100 men made of Lorenzo Bata, Marcel Jacobs, Iossa DeSallo and Filippo Tortue. Feel refreshed after unbelievable heat and fly to the final with the trial time 37.95And Best Italian time ever And only 3 cents of the times China and Canada scored, behind Jamaica apparently shot towards gold (37.82). It is now legitimate to dream about the Jacobs and his comrades medal, considering also that the battery defects can be saved objectively.

Thrilling Exclusion of the United States from the final:38.10 would also be a good time to hit the final chapter, but Japan (38.16) shuts down its third battery and thus kicks out the Americans in terms of regulation. Great performance by Zane Weir in the final shoot, dominated by the amazing Ryan Crozier (gold with 23.30, new Olympic record). The Italians break out in an excellent final and close in fifth, with a score of 21.41 which is the best personal performance ever recorded.

Regret Women’s 4X100: Disappointment in Women’s Triple Jump and Women’s High Jump

Italiano record Also for Azzurre’s 4 x 100 female. Italy closes in 42.84 He misses by the final mustache through replay, also thanks to being in the more complex semi-finals (with Great Britain, the United States and Jamaica). A great time for the quartet of Irene Seragosa, Gloria Huber, Anna Bongiorni and Vittoria Fontana, who rewrote another page of Italian athletics records. Books about relay races, there is also news Men’s 110m Hurdles Final.

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A little bit of Regret Instead of that Dallavalle-Ihemeje couple in triple jump. Both fail to fly over 17 meters after closing three jumps: 16.85 (+1.0 winds) and ninth place for Dallavalle, 16.52 (+0.2) and 11 for Ihemeje. There is no joy in either of them Women’s high jump, With Alicia Trost and Elena Valortegara Which breaks out on a scale of 1.93.

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