45 degrees expected, logs can fall off

45 degrees expected, logs can fall off

Mercury will rise sharply this weekend in the Iberian Peninsula with absolute records of temperatures to approach.

After western Canada and the United States last week, it’s Spain and northern Africa’s turn to experience the effects of the heat dome. Temperatures began to rise on Thursday but the maximum will be reached on Sunday in the Iberian Peninsula and Monday in the Balearic Islands. A phenomenon explained by the Spanish Meteorological Institute Aemet In a press release By “atmospheric stability, strong sunlight” and the presence of a mass of hot air from Africa.

30°C at night

Consequences: Between Saturday and Sunday, one can easily reach 40 degrees Celsius and it will be exceeded, especially in the Ebro Valley and the southern half of the country. On Sunday, it can even exceed 44 degrees Celsius in the Guadalquivir Valley, and 45 degrees Celsius in Extremadura. Minimum temperatures will also be very high with a forecast of 30 degrees Celsius at night in the southern half according to Météo France.

On Monday, as the mass of hot air is displaced, it is the Balearic Islands and the east of the peninsula that will experience heat with values ​​​​of between 35 and 40 degrees Celsius. According to Aemet, the region of Murcia should be the hottest, with more than 44 degrees Celsius.

broken records?

Météo France assures that absolute records of maximum temperatures can be approached, especially in Andalusia this weekend. There, the record rose to 46.6 ° C, a value recorded on July 23, 1995 at the Seville airport terminal and on July 19, 1967 at the Morón de la Frontera terminal. The absolute national maximum temperature record is 47.3 °C, which was recorded in Montoro on July 13, 2017. The temperatures could approach the European record, set at 48.5 °C, in Sicily in 1999.

Morocco will also suffer because the country is under the influence of warmer air. For Météo France, 50 degrees Celsius can be reached there.

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Temperatures will start dropping from Tuesday.

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