40% more effective and transmissible vaccines... What does the latest data say about Delta, the Indian alternative?

40% more effective and transmissible vaccines… What does the latest data say about Delta, the Indian alternative?

This Sunday, Matt Hancock, the British Minister of Health, presented the latest data on the delta variant, a former Indian during an interview with English television.

Guest Sky NewsOn Sunday, British Health Secretary Matt Hancock revealed new data regarding the Indian variable now known as the delta variable.

Thus, according to the minister, this alternative is 40% more portable of the alpha variant (the new name for the British variant) which was itself 50% to 70% more contagious than the original strain. Despite this alarming number, Matt Hancock was reassuring about the response of vaccines against this variant: “With two doses of the vaccine, we get the same protection as the old variant.”

Covid will not be a dangerous disease anymore

And the minister has to go further. For him, ramping up vaccination would “cut but not completely cut” the link between Covid and hospitalization. “The second dose is now proven to reduce the risk of hospitalization due to an Indian variable infection. Everyone should get the second dose because the first dose is not effective on its own,” Hancock added.

The UK will fully lift the restrictive measures on June 21. Prior to that, the state had set four goals: to spread the vaccine more widely; Proving its effectiveness in reducing hospitalizations and deaths; ensuring that infection rates are not likely to increase hospitalization; Finally, the risk assessment should not be radically altered by ‘variables of concern’.

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The country has not yet provided all the answers to these basic questions. He still has a few days to clear all doubts…or postpone his full jaw.

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