4 working days a week: the new British experience

4 working days a week: the new British experience

We used to work five days a week, which only gives us two days off. However, 70 British companies entered the testing phase. For six months, employees will work four days a week.

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London brewery is one of 70 companies are testing four days to weeks. As a result, it will not be 35 hours but rather 32 hours. However, there will be no loss of salary. This project was created by Organization called 4 days of the week. The idea of ​​New Zealand origin has been developed by business leaders, as well as academics. Charlotte Lockhart, one of the leading participating companies, explains her selection: “ More free time also helps the rest of society.Local associations and sports clubs are struggling to find people involved because no one seems to have the time.”

These tests It is implemented in many fields. As a result, companies involved in health finance or even breweries are involved. These exams will then be analyzed by the universities of Cambridge and Oxford, but also in Boston. will be the goal Social Impact Assessmentnumbers, but alsoQuality of life for all employees participate in this project.

The first results of this new rhythm of work

The head of one of these seventy companies says that This rate will be kept if there is no negative effect at allEither for the company or for the employees. In addition, in order not to distort the results, No employees will be appointed. However, the first feedback obtained is rather positive. Efficiency appears to be stronger and employees appear to be more focused on the tasks they perform in their jobs.

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In fact, this extra day of rest Allows you to clear your mind and have a more free mind When you return to work. At least that’s what one of my employees said Pressure drop : “I’d like to tell you that I’m writing a novel or something. But it just means that when I get back to work, my mind is a little clearer because that free time allows me to take care of all that.”. This employee also tells us that he needs to To be more organized than before. In fact, it can be easy to fall behind. So it is important to have a good organization. but, Training will be provided In order to support the superiors in this new organization.

It can be assumed that this extra day will allow the workers to become more efficient in their work. This can become very interesting for companies. However, this is just a test. It will be necessary to wait several more months before getting the first results. However, it appears that other countries are already ready to follow suit. A trial could already begin in Scotland and Wales by 2023. Belgium also supports this new pace of work. So we may just be at the beginning of a drastic corporate change.

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