3D images in your glasses

3D images in your glasses

in a study Published on April 22 in the magazine Nature Communications, a team of researchers reported the results of their work. They have managed to develop a device small enough to fit a pair of regular glasses, Capable of displaying extremely realistic 3D images inside. Impressive technological progress in the field of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

The end of virtual reality headsets?

Traditional holograms rely on spatial light modulators (SLM), which change the shape of light waves over a certain distance to create a 3D surface. However, these SLM devices are mainly made of liquid crystal or silicon (LCoS) display technology, and are limited to flat displays as well as low display areas. Therefore, the narrow viewing angle forced the viewer to do so Stay in a specific position, otherwise the light will disappear due to diffraction.

Now, with these new 3D lenses, this problem is definitely gone. In effect, the light field is projected directly in front of the viewer, whatever their viewing angle. So, The light no longer disappears, providing a continuous and truly immersive visual experience.

In addition, the unprecedented miniaturization of these devices to the size of simple eyeglass lenses eliminates the need to wear bulky VR headsets. According to researchers, Moreover, the holograms created are very realistic.

Towards integration into daily life

Imagine a device similar to the Apple Vision Pro, but in the form of simple glasses. Apple's headset is a bit of a miniaturization gem compared to its competitors, but its size is still relatively large. At present, it is clear that this technology is not ready for immediate commercialization; But it may see meteoric expansion over the next decade.

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The potential applications of this innovation appear to be very broad. : holographic communications made possible by 6G, immersive experiences in the fields of education or entertainment, creative professions, etc. Granted, we probably won't see these stereoscopic lenses entering our homes right away, But it could happen much sooner than expected.

  • A team of researchers has developed a completely new type of 3D lens.
  • They are so small that they can easily fit into regular glasses.
  • According to the researchers behind the design of this lens, the 3D projections it enables are very realistic.

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