NVIDIA RTX 4000 : un nouveau design à 3 ventilateurs pour les Founders ?

3 fans of Founders Edition AD102?

New day, new rumor about upcoming graphic cards NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4000. Here we have a rumor talking about a possible new design for the Next RTX 4000 Founders Edition. Founders Edition Based on Three fans No more two. This information comes to us again from leaker @kopite7kimi on Twitter. This new cooling system will take care of the AD102 GPU (PG136/139). This can say two things. first of all, Either this leak on the cooling system images is incorrector the three-fan cooling system can interfere in other specific circumstances.

Three-fan cooling system can be very useful for RTX-4090. In fact, if we take the RTX 3090 Ti with the already high TDP of 450W, then all the custom models will be cooled either by three fans or by an All-In-One water cooler. If the RTX 4090 has a TDP above 600W (also known as 450W today), having two fans may not be enough. This can thus force nvidia To switch to a more efficient three-fan system. Remember that unlike AMD, which already made AiO and a three-fan cooling system, NVIDIA never went above the fan bar in their Founders Edition designs.

Keep in mind, we had a similar rumor before the RTX 3000s launched, but that’s likely to remain at NVIDIA Labs for an engineering sample since the Founders Edition included a cooling system with a fan on each side for most of the larger models. On the other hand, this is not the first time that a three-fan cooling system has been talked about. We already talked about it at the end of March.

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Furthermore, our favorite leaker confirmed his approval of the information received from Wccftech, until the launch RTX-4090 It will only happen in a monthOctober Not in July. The RTX 4080 will follow in November and RTX4070 in December. about the RTX4060There is talk of a launch during CES 2023. The brand will likely delay the launch to maximize stock flow

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