29 New Zealand competitors, including Adrien Fourmaux

29 New Zealand competitors, including Adrien Fourmaux

If it is difficult to speak of surprise, the extent of this participation for New Zealand is disappointing. There are actually only 29 competitors, only one rating page. To return this event to the calendar WRCStronger domestic mobilization was expected. The main players of the tournament are still present with WRC2s, R5s or AP4s that meet the technical definition in the Asia Pacific region.

Many cars in the national competition are not eligible to participate in the World Rally Championship, which has a limited number of entries. They will finally be 13 Kiwis with two headliners: Hayden Paddon who couldn’t find a steering wheel in Rally1 and would be satisfied with Rally2, and Shane van Gisbergen. They will develop in WRC2 as Poland’s Kajetan Kajetanowicz will be looking to score key points if he is to preserve his title chances.

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In the top category, Lorenzo Bertelli planned his debut with a Puma hybrid. The Italian, who has not raced since Safari 2011 (11e) was able to do a test session in Greece to learn about Rally1. It is also on the Ford that Adrien Fourmaux should return after missing the Acropolis. Aware of the challenge that awaits him, the Frenchman tries to combine all the opportunities on his side by making a good preparation as well as the side of notes as a mental one.

For the North as for most of his mates, this trip to the other side of the earth would be a great start and pilots in the learning process like Fourmaux, Oliver Solberg or Fergus Greensmith should take advantage of it to put themselves in the spotlight. 17 specials and 276.44 km scheduled time in the program with the first SS announced on September 29 from 8:08 am in Europe (6:08 pm in Auckland).

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