25 speeding tickets in 19 days: A Frenchman is sent to prison in Norway for a series of traffic violations

A young Frenchman was stopped for speeding 25 times in just 19 days on Norwegian roads during February.
Result: His driving was deemed dangerous and he was sent to prison.
It represents a “traffic danger,” according to one of the country's courts.

Serial speeding offenses landed him in prison. In Norway, a 23-year-old French citizen was sentenced to prison for exceeding the speed limit 25 times… in just 19 days! After coming to the Scandinavian country in search of work a little over a month ago, according to local press, he was examined for violations between February 6 and 25.

Most speeding accidents were recorded due to minor overtaking. The largest of these accidents was recorded in the Lorraine Tunnel on February 20 in the Norwegian capital. The driver was traveling at 113 km/h instead of 70 km/h. According to the Norwegian newspaper AftenpostenIn fact, most crimes are detected by fixed automatic radars that the perpetrator was not aware of. Despite everything, the young manRepresents a traffic hazard“, the Oslo court estimated during its ruling.

In the end, the Frenchman received a 24-day prison sentence, which was reduced to 21 days because he fully admitted his crime. But he will also have to give up his driver's license for a year.

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