2022 Register for New Zealand Open Rugby Academy

2022 Register for New Zealand Open Rugby Academy

Hawks Bay World Rugby Academy offers ambitious international players the same rugby experience as high-performing domestic rugby players.

Global Academy players not only receive world-class rugby lessons, but also experience experiences of a lifetime that are unrepeatable in New Zealand.

Our Academy is located in Napier, Hawkes Bay, North Island. The region’s official team is the Magpies, from which many professional rugby players have been born to play in the major Super Rugby clubs and in All Blacks.

Tactical sessions
Our goal is to maximize the potential of rugby players and teams in their tactics and organization. After more than twelve years in operations, we have worked with players, coaches and teams from all five continents.

Technical sessions
They say it’s best to learn from the best – that’s our team and our instructors – the world’s best and most respected rugby coaches.

Gym at Magpies GYM
First-class facilities on machinery, stadiums and infrastructure make NewZStudy Rugby Academy the highest-rated in New Zealand.

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