1700 square meters dedicated to "common orchids"

1700 square meters dedicated to “common orchids”

On the initiative of the Association L’Ensemblerie, on Sunday 12 December, “common orchids” were established and planted on the land belonging to the town hall of 1,700 square meters (opposite the pool). Héraclès), in collaboration with the Les Semeurs de jardins network.

Present to present the project were Mayor Laurent Jaoul, elected officials Alain Del Vecchio, co-chair of the Sowers of Gardens Network, its members Bruno Cantrelle, artisan lumberjacks, enthusiasts of biodynamics, animal attraction and beekeeping, professor of forestry techniques and leader of the day, and members of the L’Ensemblerie Association.

Awareness of the environmental challenge

The goal of communal orchids is to create a space on the communal land that aims to become a precious support for awareness and mobilization in the face of climatic and environmental challenges, and to allow this space to become a joyful place; It will be furnished with tables and benches and will create an island of freshness, where, later on, people can come and pick the fruit without any chemical treatment and available to everyone.

Throughout the day, the participants planted different types of trees, particularly fruit trees, which support the Mediterranean climate and require little water, with the help of garden growers and with the advice of Bruno Cantrell, who determined that “The heritage of Mediterranean flowers is extraordinary and do not forget that the trees are receptive, you can talk and caress with them, you will have surprises “.

Sandrine, of L’Ensemblerie, also identifies: “The association aims to develop social ties that stimulate projects such as orchid projects, a concept already established by gardeners in the principle of sustainable agriculture, without any phytosanitary product, and this space will become a friendly place, when picking fruit.”

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