15th from France: Galthie disappointed against New Zealand, makes an announcement

15th from France: Galthie disappointed against New Zealand, makes an announcement

Sekou Makalu remained in the stands for France's XV match against New Zealand, and made no secret of his frustration with Fabien Galthie's decision. This does not mean that the French coach does not count on his player. In fact, against Uruguay, McCallough will start alongside Anthony Jelonche. Galthie also spoke about the Stade de France player's case.

Not being able to put everyone on the registration sheet, Fabian Galthie I was disappointed with… New Zealand. Indeed, some players were forced to take their seats in the stands at the Stade de France. This was the case with Sekou Makalu, a player said French stadium He had a little difficulty digesting. ” There was frustration, of course. I was very disappointed. I have to say everyone wanted to play this match. Even towards my childhood friends, all of it. It was a match I was waiting for because of the atmosphere and everything that was around it “, I confess Makalu In a press conference.

“He has unique potential”

This Tuesday, in front of reporters, Fabian Galthie Also talk about Sekou Makalu. If his player disappoints in a confrontation New ZealandHe gave him very good news because he would start against himUruguay. Galthi It depends on him a lot Makaluadmitting: “ He has unique potential. He moves very quickly, and has a sense of timing and place. I wouldn't say he lost his place. There is a simulation about this shirt. Paul (Bodyhunt) knew how to get into that locker room and take the jersey. We are a group of 33 people. We count Seiko's qualities for its qualities. It is his duty to play with his qualities and with pleasure “.

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“I feel so much excitement and desire.”

Therefore pregnant for the second meeting of The fifteenth of France OppositeUruguay, Seko Macalu He did not hide his joy. ” This will be my first World Cup match, and my first World Cup overall. I feel so much excitement and desire. I can't wait to be there », said the player The fifteenth of France.

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