14th place: Toulouse, a step too high for Biarritz

14th place: Toulouse, a step too high for Biarritz

Toulouse, managed by the generous Biarritz team, waited for the entry of the difference-making X factor Antoine Dupont and the defending champions victory (17-11) on Saturday, in Aguilera to mark day five.

The flawless performance of Toulouse continued in the Basque Country. Five games of the season, five wins, and a third away which owes so much to DuPont who changed, not to mention the lighting, the scenario for this warm-up match the Red and White people have been waiting for for seven and a half years, and that the rookie believes is removed because he faced UBB and Racing 92.

This time the song was too big for his teammates for Francis Sayle. They competed for about an hour, driving after the break (6-3 thanks to a penalty and drop from Brett Heron) in the atmosphere of a bullfight, before succumbing to two flashes of the visiting half-star, rather than on Saturday.

The first was born from an exit from a pivotal scrum at 40m with Tim Nanny Williams’ cross pass behind the line (58), the second from inspiration possessed by Dupont secretly deceiving and taking a break. 14-0 in two idling minutes cut off the Biarritz momentum.

Until then, the defenses were imperial, and the breach abounded, especially in the ranks of the inferior commander so much in continuity, but who turned in the lead at the break with a penalty kick from Thomas Ramos (36).

In the end, as we came close to attempting a bonus attempt for Ugo Mola’s men, the red card to Joe Ticori for a headline title on Roman Rovinac (69) was sparkling at the end of the match.

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Often in advance, Sayle, very skilled with the ball in his hand, sent his winger Vincent Martin to attempt a corner kick synonymous with hoping for a defensive bonus (76). Unfortunately, local striker Heron, who has been so meticulous since the start of the season, this time lost his turn.

The fact remains that the CEO of Stefon Armitage has stated that it will be necessary to count on him this season and that he will not fall into his den every time at Toulouse in this clinical manner.

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