14th place: Lyon did not shiver against Biarritz

Toby Arnold, New Zealand’s rearguard at Lyon, is about to score an attempt despite the interference of François Vergnaud of Biarritz, during day 19 of the Top 14, February 26, 2022 at Matmutstadi.

A week after a brief defeat at Castries (19-17), and ahead of two difficult trips to Clermont and Toulouse, Lyon, led by Toby Arnold, reacted well with a win (34-15) at the Red Lantern, Biarritz, on Saturday at Stade Gerland, on behalf of The nineteenth day of Top 14.

With that fourth success at home this season, Lyon (54 points) are second in the standings, ahead of Montpellier, against Stade de France on Sunday (5:30 pm).

For its part, Biarritz remained in last place, five points behind the thirteenth place, Perpignan.

New Zealand defender Toby Arnold, who scored twice (15 and 42) and was involved in two of Lyon’s three other attempts, stole the show from international winger Noa Nakaichi, ten months after he ruptured his left knee anterior ligament.

One of Arnold’s increments resulted in Lyon’s second attempt, scored by prostitute Yannis Charcuse (17-0, 23).

The New Zealander finally handed the crucial pass to his half-scrum, Jonathan Pelissé, on Ron’s fifth attempt (34-15, 62), that of his offensive bonus point.

Leon could have made the bill more difficult, but he made a lot of processing errors to make it happen.

Biarritz was humiliated at the Stade Français (19-65) a week earlier, and sold his skin dearly, thanks to his group that competed in the conquest with his counterpart.

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The Basques were rewarded with two attempts scored by prostitute, Bastien Suri (28) and winger, Johan Artru (55), but they failed, at the end of the match, to deprive their host of the offensive bonus.

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